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National premiere on public television: April 2014.

New PBS Series on Building Skyscrapers

If you love tall buildings, then you’ll definitely want to watch the four-part PBS series Super Skyscrapers, currently under way. (Don’t worry about missing them on TV — PBS is posting the full shows after they’ve aired.) Each episode focuses on a different...
Posted On 13 Feb 2014
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Buildings That Hang Out

Cantilevers on buildings — the parts of the structure that hang out over empty space, seemingly support-free — can serve a number of functions, both decorative and functional. And as building technology, materials science, and engineering capabilities continue to improve,...
Posted On 15 Jan 2014
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A Brief History on World-Changing Architectural Design

The science and engineering behind architecture has been evolving since humans started erecting dwellings with stone, sticks, and mud. io9 rounded up a list — including many more images than the three examples above — of some of the most important breakthroughs that have...
Posted On 12 Dec 2013
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Virtual LED: The Marriage of Physics & Lighting

Light-emitting diodes (LEDs) have seen explosive growth in recent years thanks to rapid development in lighting technology—a trend that’s likely to continue as quality improves and prices drop. But what happens when you join the laws of physics and the power of a...
Posted On 10 Dec 2013

This Is Not a Photograph of a Bedroom

If you’ve ever flipped through a catalog for furniture, housewares, or kitchen and bath appliances or looked at a manufacturer’s website, the notion that the photos of perfect spaces your seeing are “too good to be true” has probably crossed your mind. As...
Posted On 05 Dec 2013
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Architecture in Time‘s 2013 Inventions of the Year

Time magazine regularly includes architectural innovations and designs in its annual roundup of the “best inventions of the year” (2012, 2011), but this year the representation is higher than usual: four out of 25. ArchDaily has a terrific roundup, including links to...
Posted On 03 Dec 2013
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How Do Cranes Stay Above the Buildings They Make?

Spurred by all of the hoopla around the official height of One World Trade Center, Slate has posted an Explainer column on how cranes stay atop the skyscrapers they piece together. In essence, there are three types: external climbers and internal climbers, both of which can be...
Posted On 18 Nov 2013
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Functional Come Rain or Shine: PhotoFlow

Harvesting sunlight for powering a building would seem to be a very different proposition from collecting and filtering rainwater for drinking and cooking. Not for Mexican design firm NOS, which has developed the (for now) concept-only PhotoFlow: a product combining photovoltaic...
Posted On 11 Nov 2013
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