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National premiere on public television: April 2014.

Design Tools for the Nondesigner

Thanks to mass customization, anyone can try their hand at design these days. Consumers can choose which colors, patterns, and styles they prefer for products by using software-based configurators to “design,” or rather customize, everything from footwear to automobiles — and...

Richard Tenguerian: Master Model Maker

Even in this time of digital everything, the power of a building model — not a rendering, not a 3D image, not a video flythrough — still holds sway with both architects and clients. Although many firms do their own model work, certain projects and clients require the hand of a...
Posted On 12 Mar 2014
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The Return of Hand Sketching

Computer-aided design software such as AutoCAD and Revit is likely the most common tool you’ll find in a designer’s digital toolbox these days. Building information modeling (BIM) software has revolutionized the construction industry by helping to improve accuracy, reduce...

This Is Not a Photograph of a Bedroom

If you’ve ever flipped through a catalog for furniture, housewares, or kitchen and bath appliances or looked at a manufacturer’s website, the notion that the photos of perfect spaces your seeing are “too good to be true” has probably crossed your mind. As...
Posted On 05 Dec 2013
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Architecture in Time‘s 2013 Inventions of the Year

Time magazine regularly includes architectural innovations and designs in its annual roundup of the “best inventions of the year” (2012, 2011), but this year the representation is higher than usual: four out of 25. ArchDaily has a terrific roundup, including links to...
Posted On 03 Dec 2013
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