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National premiere on public television: April 2014.

Heavy Metal for Interiors

When the architects who became known as the First Architecture School — which included such notables as Martin Roche, William Holabird, and Louis Sullivan — began perfecting their methods of constructing buildings using metal frames instead of brick and stone in the late 1800s,...

Deconstructing the Carpet for Design Possibilities

Most of us are probably not too familiar with the history of carpet, despite its ubiquitous nature in North America, where it exploded in popularity in the mid- and late 20th century. To the untrained eye, it looks like not much has changed over the years other than colors and...
Posted On 17 Jan 2014

The Writing on the Wall

There was a time when parents cringed upon discovering their children with crayons or markers in hand, standing proudly next to their latest art project on the living room wall. Those days are long gone, thanks to the introduction of dry erase paint that’s now readily available....
Posted On 13 Jan 2014

The Silver Bullet Against Bacteria?

With flu season in full swing, people (hopefully) become more attentive than usual about the surfaces they touch and do a lot more hand washing than usual. But what if the interiors of schools, airports, hospitals, and other public spaces could help prevent the spread of harmful...
Posted On 30 Dec 2013

Modwalls’ CorkDotz: Trash to Treasure

It’s easy to get overwhelmed by the eco-friendly options in interior furniture and finishes that are available. The choice can be a relatively easy one to make, however­—especially when a product’s raw materials originate from another industry’s waste stream. Such is the case...
Posted On 04 Dec 2013

Will ‘Doorknob’ Become an Obsolete Word?

Not for a long while. But Vancouver has struck the first blow: In September the city added amendments to its building code that, among other things, require all new housing projects to use levers for doors and faucets. (The regulations go into effect in March 2014.) It’s a...
Posted On 22 Nov 2013
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