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National premiere on public television: April 2014.

Public Space: A Canvas for the Masses

While many cities’ public spaces may not leave the most memorable impressions, art commissioning can play an important role in transforming the ordinary into the extraordinary, as the following current and upcoming exhibitions demonstrate. Thanks to a new public art installation,...

Exhibit: Designing for Disaster, National Building Museum

April 2014 represented the largest tornado outbreak in U.S. history, with a record-breaking 190 of them touching down within a 24-hour period on April 27, according to Weather Underground. Further, natural disasters were reported to have caused $192 billion in damage worldwide —...

NYC: Van Alen Institute’s Public Events in May

New York City’s Van Alen Institute is “an independent nonprofit architectural organization that promotes inquiry into the processes that shape the design of the public realm.” Each fall and spring they host a series of public events covering a variety of topics....
Posted On 05 May 2014
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How Good Are You With Pen and Paper Napkin?

The “napkin sketch” may be an old cliché about how architects and other designers work — but that doesn’t make it any less effective as a medium for displaying graphic talent. If you enjoy wielding your favorite pen (or pencil) and a small square of sof...
Posted On 28 Apr 2014
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Beverly Willis Architecture Foundation: Built By Women Project

It’s no secret that architecture has historically been dominated by men, which has led many to question why more women aren’t participating in the profession — or are leaving it altogether. The gender inequality hasn’t been without recent controversy either, even touching one of...

Event: Architecture Week 2014 in D.C.

If you’ll be in the nation’s capital between April 21 and May 1, check out what’s going on for Architecture Week 2014. Now in its 16th year, Architecture Week celebrates architecture in the nation’s capital. Daily public events will shine a spotlight on...
Posted On 19 Apr 2014
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Architecture, Imagination & Storytelling

Architecture has always inspired the imagination, and the act of designing a building tells a story. In a sense, architecture moves from fiction to non-fiction, as abstract sketches are translated into real concrete, brick, steel, and glass. Recently, the online collective Blank...

If Famous Artists Designed Buildings

Spanish artist Federico Babina, whose work is highly architectural and always fun — pixelated architects and an alphabet of architects are two recent series that have gone viral — has come up with a new concept: If famous artists created buildings — what might they look like?...
Posted On 03 Apr 2014
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Event: Boston Design Week 2014

Coming to the Boston area March 20-30: Boston Design Week features 80+ events spanning across the entire city of Boston and beyond. There are demonstrations, open houses, cocktail receptions and myriad opportunities to learn about and explore design.  All events are open to the...
Posted On 11 Mar 2014
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Exhibit: Frank Lloyd Wright and the City

Frank Lloyd Wright didn’t just design beautiful individual buildings — he also wrestled with the larger issues around rapidly growing cities. You can see the master’s mind at work at the Frank Lloyd Wright and the City: Density vs. Dispersal exhibition, now showing at...
Posted On 07 Mar 2014
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