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Big Ideas in Architectural Design

Although calling them “trends” stretches the meaning of the word, ArchDaily’s recent roundup of “14 Architectural Trends That Will Define The Next Decade” does contain some fascinating ideas, including rotating skyscrapers and “invisible”...
Posted On 10 Jun 2014
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The End of the Glass Skyscraper Era?

All-glass buildings, especially skyscrapers, are ubiquitous — every city has plenty of them, and more seem to go up every week. But will this be the case in a decade or two? A recent article on the BBC website suggests that there may be a growing backlash against top-to-bottom...
Posted On 09 Jun 2014
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Homebuilt: Low-Cost Dwellings, Some Assembly Required

You’ve probably read about Sears housing: In the early 20th century, the company offered mail-order homes that people could construct themselves, with little specialized knowledge. Boston designer Dennis Michaud believes it’s an idea whose time has come again — and...
Posted On 05 Jun 2014
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R&D: Maximal Living in a Micro-Apartment

From the bright minds at MIT Media Lab comes the Star Trek-worthy CityHome. Designed to make studio apartments as functional as — and perhaps way cooler than — larger apartments, the product’s RoboWall, writes Fast Company, is a mechanical box about the size of a closet...
Posted On 02 Jun 2014
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Retail Buzz: Apples to Apples

Apple has been making headlines lately, which is hardly surprising — although in this case we’re not referring to the highly anticipated iPhone 6 or the company’s purchase of Beats Audio and Beats Electronics. The tech giant has had the design and tech worlds talking since...
Posted On 29 May 2014
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Moshe Safdie at TED: What Makes a Building Unique?

We do our best to get into the mind of the architect and reveal the process of designing a building. Sometimes, however, it’s better to hear it straight from the architect. In this TED Talk from 1995, Moshe Safdie — whose Kauffman Center for the Performing Arts is featured...
Posted On 28 May 2014
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Documentary: The Competition

You might think that when an architect achieves a high level of public recognition — when the word “starchitect” starts appearing in articles about them — that things are easier for the designer and his or her firm. Not so, as the new documentary The Competition...
Posted On 21 May 2014
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Tony Hsieh: From Shoes to Urban Revitalization

Chances are, you’ve purchased a pair of shoes (or three) from Zappos, the huge online retailer. The man who built the company into a juggernaut, Tony Hsieh, is not just a keen businessman, but also highly motivated to do creative things that are both financially successful...
Posted On 20 May 2014
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Tour Philip Johnson’s Domestic Masterpiece at Your Own Pace

We’re all for guided tours of architecture, but sometimes, it’s nice to soak in a masterpiece at your own pace. This May through November, twice a month, that’s now an option at Philip Johnson’s Glass House, located in New Canaan, CT. The New York Times...
Posted On 19 May 2014
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Carmakers Explore Residential Architecture

Automobiles are inextricably connected with the idea of home, so it makes sense to learn that carmakers are getting into domestic architecture. General Motors‘ Detroit-Hamtramck assembly plant is collaborating with the Michigan Urban Farming Initiative on turning a shipping...
Posted On 13 May 2014
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