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National premiere on public television: April 2014.

A Japanese High-Rise That Cools the Air Around It

BioSkin, a building façade technology developed by Nikken Sekkei and initially used on Tokyo’s NBF Osaki high-rise, has received an innovation award from the Council on Tall Buildings and Urban Habitat. What’s special about BioSkin? We’ll let the CTBUH explain...
Posted On 11 Jul 2014
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Pittsburgh’s Mellon Square Reclaims Its Midcentury Glory

After decades of neglect, Pittsburgh’s Mellon Square — the first public park in the U.S. built on top of a parking garage — has been restored to look as fresh and glorious as it did when the space first opened in 1955, reports The Dirt, the American Landscape Architecture...
Posted On 05 Jul 2014
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Frank Gehry at (and for) the Philadelphia Museum of Art

Architect Frank Gehry — whose Lou Ruvo Center for Brain Health appears in our fourth episode, Healing Spaces — has some audacious plans for a renovation of the Philadelphia Museum of Art. — including, apparently, cutting through the famed “Rocky Balboa steps.” For two...
Posted On 30 Jun 2014
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How Does Sound Move Within Rooms?

If you’ve ever wondered how sound bounces around a room, the folks at Acoustic Geometry are here to explain it, with some help from Nerf discs, moiré patterns, and fluorescent string.
Posted On 25 Jun 2014
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Chicago Announces Major Architecture Event

Big architecture news out of Chicago yesterday — and coming from a city widely regarded for its embrace of great buildings, that’s saying something. In 2015, Chicago will create an architecture biennial. This is amazing and exciting news! In the fall of 2015, the inaugural...
Posted On 25 Jun 2014
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Video: 10 Buildings That Changed America

Architecture isn’t only a reflection of the society that builds it — it has the power to impact that society for decades to come. In Ten Buildings That Changed America, an hourlong documentary produced by Chicago station WTTW and aired nationally on PBS, host Geoffrey Baer...
Posted On 23 Jun 2014
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Tunneling Beneath the Nation’s Capital

The Washington, D.C. subway system — designed by architect Harry Weese and the recipient of the 2014 AIA Twenty-five Year Award — is a well-loved public transit system. How did the tunnel’s that connect the Metro’s celebrated concrete-vault station get built? Watch...
Posted On 20 Jun 2014
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Bus Stations That Celebrate Architecture

When it comes to transportation nodes and architecture, lots of attention is paid to airports and train stations. Bus depots and stations? Not so much. However, interesting and beautiful work is being done out there for these less-celebrated buildings — you just have to look a...
Posted On 17 Jun 2014
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Documentary: If You Build It

Added to our must-watch list: the new documentary If You Build It: From the director of WORDPLAY and I.O.U.S.A. comes a captivating look at a radically innovative approach to education. IF YOU BUILD IT follows designer-activists Emily Pilloton and Matthew Miller to rural Bertie...
Posted On 16 Jun 2014
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“I Am Committed to Quality, Not Quantity”

Interior Design chats up Steven Holl as part of its “10 Questions With …” series. Most of the questions are about the architect’s recently opened Reid Building at the Glasgow School of Art, providing great insight into Holl’s approach, but we...
Posted On 12 Jun 2014
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